Assessment, development and psychometric tools we commonly use and teach:
Training Needs Analysis

Psychometric Questionnaires

MBTI - working with best fit 4 letter quartile for you to be the best you

Daniel Goleman - Emotional Intelligence

Kolbs Learning styles

Honey and Mumfords learning styles

Transactional Analysis


Cognitive and Behavioural strategies and techniques

Self Confidence and Self Esteem scales.

Coaching models we commonly use and teach:

  • GROW
  • TEA
  • DESC
  • AID

The initial one-to-one sessions are an opportunity for us to meet each other and begin to build a working alliance. It will be during these meetings that we contract to work on WHAT and HOW you want to develop.

Subsequent session(s) will focus on your goal(s), utilising SMART methodology. We also incorporate research and leading tools and techniques from the major protagonists in the field of leadership such as Emotional Intelligence which was founded and developed by Daniel Goleman, and Stephen Covey adopting the 7 habits of highly effective people.

The final sessions focus on consolidating your learning and committing to continuous reflective practice and review.




There are standard packages available for one-to-one or group sessions where we can work with you to develop your unique plan to suit individual or organisational needs and wants.

Example of a standard 10 session Leadership, Training and Coaching package for groups:

1. Active listening / social listening  2. Perceptions  3. Creating the right environment to empower  4. Change - Assumptions, attitudes and beliefs

5. Questioning techniques - probing  6. Empathy and being genuine  7. Self Awareness  8. Psychology - Learning, leadership and a management styles

9. Coaching  10.Reflection and planning

 Example of standard one-to-one sessions:

  • Conflict Management  / Time Management / Stress Management  / Interview Skills
  • Engage, motivate and inspire / Communication skills / Grow people and performance
  • Drive Service Excellence / Drive Operational Excellence / Drive Commercial Success
  • SWOT analysis / Responsibility / Accountability Feedback
  • Behaviours  / Creating the Vision / Living the Mission / ​Stakeholder Management